Saturday, December 1, 2007

I don't know why, but in the last few days i've been thinking about Angels, something i really never thought about before, they don't really get spoken about.

sisters (and seph), what do you think about angels? do you think about angels?


'Seph said...

Hey Buffy!

What do you think Angels are?

Lydia said...

When i was little, I used to think that I had a guardian angel who camped outside of my house every night to protect me. I used to imagine that s/he built a fire to keep warm as s/he watched.

I never saw any ashes, but for years this is what I believed in secret.

elizabeth said...

i dont know what angels are seph. i wish i had an idea. i mean the cold hard definition is that theyre pure beings created by God but i think theres more.

lydia that is so beautiful. i had an imaginary friend. not as cool.

'Seph said...

Are you seriously asking...?
...or, more-or-less, just rhetorically asking?

..because I've given this quite a bit of thought.

elizabeth said...

his has seriously been tugging on my intellect latelty becuse its something im seriously wondering about.

'Seph said...

Tell you what;
I'll post my thoughts on Bad Habits, rather than post it as a comment on this thread.
(It's a little too long for a comment, I feel).