Monday, August 6, 2007

Bride of Christ

Really, I was thinking about nuns and habits and wimples and veils, which led me to thinking of nuns taking vows to be wed to Christ, which led me to Google Bride of Christ, which took me to this web site. These robes are beautiful, aren't they? I'm assuming that most of the clientele are African-American women, just because I'm familiar with the exquisite clothing that many women in black churches wear, and from what little I know, there seems to be more women in ministry in African-American churches. (And there are terms on their site about "First Lady" and "Evangelist".)
So this is not really an Emergent nun posting (except if we were going to purchase habits, I'd suggest buying them from Bride of Christ Robes.) But I'm wondering why it's so acceptable for women to be pastors, ministers, apostles, bishops and evangelists in the black community, when it seems to still be such an issue for white churches? What do you think?


elizabeth said...

they're so beautiful!!

((one of them has an ephod - *giggles*))

When I was little I wanted to be a priest (dont laugh, it was a serious letdown when I found out that there were gender restritions), but I've been thinking more along the lines of being a prison chaplain and if I ever get there, I'm gonna have every single style - or atleast the elizabeth :)

i never understood why white churches are so caught up with the whole women in ministry thing. I don't think however that its just a ministry thing, I was just talking to my friend Adwoa - she's from africa and she said quite bluntly "You stupid white girls let your men do anything. We know better. We don't take that."

Maybe thats what it is. Maybe us keeping out mouths closed about it continuates the sexism. I don't really know.

Anne said...

Elizabeth, you should definitely have "The Elizabeth". :) They *are* beautiful, aren't they? We should dress like that least in the Emergent Abbey. I'm not sure why there's more acceptance of women in ministry in African-American churches. Perhaps it's because their women have been so strong and just go wherever they feel God leads them, refusing restriction. I'm guessing out loud here. Meanwhile, I'm glad someone else appreciated the beautiful garments that we don't often see in our churches.