Sunday, August 5, 2007

Why Nuns?

What is it about nuns that fascinates you?


elizabeth said...

what is it about nuns for me?

well, i come from an irish catholic background so there have been a lot of Sisters in my life and i was always drawn to them, and they always used to suggest religious vocations to me (which i usually laughed off.)

There is a peace that surrounds such a lifestyle don't you think?

Anne said...

I've got to echo Elizabeth - not about the Irish Catholic background, but always being drawn to them. Of course I'm not thinking of the teaching and nursing sisters, but probably the ones who lived a more cloistered existence. Devotion to Christ, a life lived in peace and Love. That pulls me still.

Gina said...

I wanted to be a nun after watching "Agnes of God" when I was 12 or 13. I thought the life seemed very peaceful. I remember this one shot from above of the sisters ice skating, with their robes twirling.